7 recipe ideas for when you’re social distancing

At the beginning of April, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau noted that in Canada, social distancing measures might last for “weeks, or even months.”1 These measures have been difficult for many Canadians to adjust to and have forced us out of our usual routines.  

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For many of us, this is especially apparent when it comes to food.

For now, going out to eat with friends is a thing of the past. Receiving groceries we ordered online or meal delivery kits may be taking longer than usual. And those of us who are used to popping into the grocery store every couple of days have had to scale back our trips to once every week or two. 

Despite these difficulties, many Canadians are using this time to get creative in the kitchen. With extra time on our hands (and for some, unfortunately, less income), cooking and baking can be an economical way to pass the time. As noted in an article by Global News, so many Canadians are baking that grocery stores are experiencing flour and yeast shortages.

Last month, in our 7 Things to Do When You’re Social Distancing article, we suggested spending time in the kitchen to make an old comfort-food recipe that you love, or trying something new. 

Are you interested in trying something new?

Look no further: below, we’ve outlined some of our LEO Team’s favourite recipes (and their serving suggestions)! Bonus points for preparing something for an essential worker in your life who may be extra stressed during this difficult time.  

Anne-Marie, our Web Acquisition Specialist, loves to make General Tao Tofu after busy days at work. It comes together easily and tastes delicious! 

On cold or rainy days, she whips up this vegan Roasted Red Pepper Pasta, which pairs well with a simple salad or a nice bread. Although the recipe is gluten-free, you could easily use any noodle you like. Roasted red pepper pasta

Sarah, our Marketing Director, is all about simple, healthy breakfasts. She loves this recipe for Oat and Yogurt Pancakes, and her favourite add-in is frozen blueberriesbut feel free to use whatever you like! Oat and yogurt pancakes with blueberries

Marie, our LEO Community Manager, prefers to make crepes for breakfast. She likes this recipe for crepes because it’s easy to make savoury or sweet crepes (her favourite pairing is with Nutella). Crepes with Nutella

Pascale, our External Communications Coordinator, enjoys making this Broccoli Orzotto and Pork with Montreal Steak Spice for date night. It’s a little different than a traditional risotto, but is still full of flavour. If you don’t eat pork, or prefer a more traditional risotto, you could always give this Summertime Risotto a try. 

Broccoli orzotto and pork with Montreal Steak Spice

Rachel, our Content Marketing Specialist, has been baking up a storm while social distancing. A recipe that she always comes back to is Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies, which she loves to pair with a strong cup of coffee (or two!). Chewy chocolate chip cookies

What is your favourite recipe to make? Feel free to share the name (and the link, if you have it!) in the comments section below.

Bon appétit!

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