A Year in Review: 12 LEO Articles You May Have Missed

2020 was a big year for LEO! We gave out over $2.1 million in LEO rewards, and many new LEO members joined our community!

Throughout the year, we’ve written various LEO articles to entertain and inform our members, whether it’s their first year being part of the LEO community or their sixteenth. 

To celebrate the end of 2020 (we’re just as ready for it to be over as you are!), we’re highlighting one article per month that you may have missed out on. We’ve shared the link for all the LEO articles mentioned so that you can read them for the first time or read them again.

Thanks to all our members who took the time to respond to LEO surveys, read our articles, comment on our social media posts, and share their LEO experience with their friends and family members! We’re grateful that you are part of our community, and we hope you enjoy this compilation!


Harry and Meghan in Canada: What Do Canadians Think?

Remember that time before the pandemic when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced they would be living in Canada? In January 2020, 61% of Canadians were indifferent about the announcement, 26% thought it was good news, and 9% thought it was bad news. Ultimately, the couple decided to live in the United States. Click here to (re)read the article.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry


3 Great Gifts for Your Valentine

In February 2020, the greatest proportion of Canadians in relationships planned to give their partner an experience (dinner, an outing, etc.) for Valentine’s Day, rather than chocolate, flowers, or jewelry. Giving an experience may not be possible this year due to the pandemic, but our 3 great gifts for your valentine still apply!* Click here to (re)read the article.

*Please note that the Tim Hortons gift card is no longer available

Garland of hearts

MARCH 2020

What Do Canadians Think About Daylight Saving Time?

Last year in March, we asked Canadians whether they’d like Canada to stop seasonal time changes, and 57% said yes. We also shared the proportion of Canadians who prepare for Daylight Saving Time in advance, how Daylight Saving Time impacts Canadians’ moods, and more. Click here to (re)read the article.

Alarm clock

APRIL 2020

7 Things to Do When You’re Social Distancing

Unfortunately, by April 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic was in full swing in Canada. Our first pandemic-related LEO article was about activities that LEO members could do while social distancing, including movie marathons, home workouts, and getting a head start on their spring cleaning. Click here to (re)read the article.

Two people doing yoga at home

MAY 2020

7 Recipe Ideas for When You’re Social Distancing

In this article, we shared the LEO Team’s favourite recipes, including General Tao tofu, oat and yogurt pancakes, chewy chocolate chip cookies, and more. We also recommended safely preparing something for an essential worker in your life who may be extra stressed (and is likely still stressed) due to the pandemic. Click here to (re)read the article.

Photo of a kitchen

JUNE 2020

How is COVID-19 Changing Canadians’ Habits and Behaviours?

From late April to early May, in partnership with lg2, we conducted the second wave of a three-wave study about how Canadians’ habits and behaviours were changing due to the crisis. One of the key findings of this research was that nearly half of Canadians tried at least one new online behaviour during the crisis. To learn about the other key findings, click here to (re)read the article.

Man facing a path with two options

JULY 2020

Do Canadians Prefer the Summer or Winter Olympic Games?

In March 2020, the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Summer Games were officially postponed until 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In late June, we asked Canadians their favourite Summer Olympic Games event to watch on TV and whether they prefer watching the Winter Olympics or Summer Olympics. Click here to (re)read the article.

Flags of different countries


COVID-19 and the Future of Travel

The COVID-19 pandemic had and continues to have a massive impact on the travel and tourism industry. In July, in one of our weekly surveys, we asked Canadians and Americans for their perspectives on various aspects of air travel during COVID-19 and the potential reopening of the Canada-US borders at the end of July. To see what they said, click here to (re)read the article.

Woman packing her suitcase with a mask and hand sanitizer


Is Your Life Better or Worse than Before the Pandemic?

The results of our weekly survey conducted in early August revealed that 50% of Canadians and 58% of Americans felt that 2020 is the worst year they’ve ever lived through. Later in August, we asked them whether they feel life is better than, worse than, or about the same as before the pandemic, and why. To see what they said, click here to (re)read the article.

Woman thinking


The Best Parts of Fall and 5 Fun Fall Activities

Is your favourite part of fall the leaves changing colour, celebrating Thanksgiving or Halloween, or eating all the delicious treats the seasons has to offer? In this article, we shared Canadians’ and Americans’ favourite parts of fall (based on a survey we conducted) and 5 suggestions for pandemic-friendly fun fall activities. Click here to (re)read the article.


How is the Pandemic Impacting Mental Health?

In our weekly survey conducted in mid-October, 24% of Canadians and 16% of Americans indicated that their mental health and stress levels were worse than during the first wave of the pandemic in March/April. In this article, we shared what Canadians and Americans were feeling most stressed about, as well as tips for taking care of your mental health. Click here to (re)read the article.

stressed man


8 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays During the Pandemic

Like many other special occasions this year, many Canadians and Americans celebrated the holidays much differently than they usually would. The LEO Team compiled a list of 8 suggestions for celebrating the holidays during the pandemic, including sharing a meal remotely, creating a social-distancing approved holiday photo collection, and more. Click here to (re)read the article.

Woman taking a selfie with her mask in front of her Christmas tree

On behalf of the LEO Team, Happy New Year to everyone!


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