Changes to LEO Rewards

Hello LEO Members!

At LEO, we’re always looking for ways to do more for our members and reduce our environmental footprint.

We have some news to share with you today about one of our rewards. As of today, the $20 cheque will no longer be available as a reward option on LEO.

But don’t worry! All of the other LEO Rewards that you know and love (including PayPal transfers, Visa gift cards, Starbucks or Tim Hortons gift cards, Air Miles, and Aeroplan miles) are still available on the LEO website.* For your information, a PayPal transfer is the fastest monetary reward on LEO: read our blog post to learn how to redeem your LEO points for a PayPal transfer.

We made the decision to remove the $20 cheque primarily for environmental reasons. When a $20 cheque is redeemed, we must print two documents: the cheque itself, and the envelope it is mailed in. In addition to the environmental costs of ink and paper, we also needed to consider the resources needed to transport and mail cheques across Canada and the United States, and their environmental impact.

We also want to focus on getting rewards to you faster: we understand that when our members have worked hard to earn LEO points, they want to receive their rewards as soon as possible. Based on a variety of factors, the wait time to receive a cheque was sometimes up to 4-5 weeks, which is longer than we wanted our members to be waiting.

If you have questions or concerns about this change, please email

Thank you for being a valued LEO member!

*Please note: Instead of offering $20 cheques as a reward, we will offer $50 cheques (50,000 LEO points) and $100 cheques (100,000 LEO points). These higher-value cheques will be redeemed less frequently, which helps us to support our goal of minimizing our environmental impact.

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