COVID-19 Survey – May 5, 2020

Did you know that:

  • Over three-in-five (64%) Canadians think the federal government should maintain the pace at which it is relaxing social distancing/self-isolation measures.
  • Americans are approximately twice as likely as Canadians to think their state and federal government should accelerate the pace at which they are relaxing social distancing/self-isolation measures.
  • 16% of Canadians will not be comfortable with the government lifting restrictions on workplace and leisure activities until there is a COVID-19 vaccine available.
  • Half (50%) of Canadians have cancelled or changed their vacation plans in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

These are some of the findings of Leger’s latest survey, conducted May 1-3, 2020 among 1,526 Canadians and 1,002 Americans, randomly recruited from LEO’s online panel.

Each week, Leger will publish a survey conducted in partnership with the Association for Canadian Studies (ACS) and published in The Canadian Press to help governments, businesses and citizens better understand the attitudes and behaviours of Canadians in the face of the current health and economic crisis. This series of surveys will be available on Leger’s website.

To view the May 5, 2020 report, CLICK HERE.

Have you had to change your 2020 vacation plans due to the coronavirus pandemic? If so, where do you plan to go when you can travel safely again?

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