It’s just your opinion, but…it changes your world.

Are you a LEO member already, or are you thinking about joining? Do you wonder where your feedback goes after you complete online surveys? Read on to learn more!

When a new survey is available for you to complete, we add it to your To Do Today page. 

Provided your profile matches the one we’re looking for (different surveys have different qualification criteria), we’ll ask you to answer a series of questions. For each survey you complete, you’ll earn LEO points that you can redeem for rewards!

Sure, responding to surveys is fun… and who DOESN’T like rewards…but what happens to your feedback after you complete surveys on LEO? After all, it’s just your opinion, but… it changes your world.

We conduct surveys for all sorts of different organizations, including businesses, governments, and more.

You also have the freedom to express yourself about ANYTHING YOU WANT through our Love, Hate, Rate tool! Did you get an awful coffee this morning? Did someone at the grocery store give you great service? Did you just attend an awesome event? Tell us all about it on Love, Hate, Rate!

After we conduct a survey, we combine all the responses we receive from LEO members into a single set of anonymized data that is sent to the organization that asked us to complete the study. Your responses remain confidential and can’t be tied back to you personally. Read more about how we protect LEO members’ privacy here.

These organizations (businesses, governments, etc.) want to hear your feedback so they can understand how people think, what matters to them, and how they can improve what they offer to the public.

Being a LEO member allows you to change the world around you! If you aren’t a member yet, sign up to earn rewards while giving your opinion by clicking here.

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