Find out what content creators had to say about the LEO app

This month, we officially launched the LEO app. To help share the great news, we partnered with some content creators!

They explored the app, and gave us their opinions on it.  Check out their videos below!

Daniel (@dothedaniel)

Ashley (@chattygirlmedia)

Robin (@withrobinj)

You can use the LEO app to easily answer surveys online, anytime and anywhere! When you do so, you earn LEO points that you can redeem for rewards, as well as chances to win in our monthly contests! Using our Love, Hate, Rate tool, you can tell us exactly what you think about ANYTHING under the sun: brands, products, services, companies, and more! We keep your opinions confidential so that you can express them as freely as possible, and feel safe doing so!

For more information about LEO and the LEO app, read our articles:

Haven’t signed up for LEO yet?

No problem, it’s not too late! If you use one of the promo codes mentioned in the videos above, you’ll earn 2,000 LEO points.* Sign up now to earn rewards while giving your opinion!

*When you register for the first time.

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Have you used the LEO app? What do you think of it? Tell us in the comments below!

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