4 Apps to Help Your Work-Life Balance

With summer slowly starting to phase out, are you concerned about your work-life balance? We know that in August, many of our members are preparing to go back to school or preparing for a busier season at work. Whether you’re a student, in the workforce, or simply someone looking for better work-life balance, we have a few free app recommendations to help you set healthier habits and hopefully feel a bit less stressed!



Notion is an excellent work-life balance app to keep track of your to do lists if you’re looking to get more organized. It allows you to build custom templates to build the perfect system for yourself. The possibilities are endless, whether you want to use it for work, school, or to organize your thoughts. With the option to connect your account from your computer to your phone, you will always be able to keep track what you need to finish. User-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, this app is great for anybody looking to up their productivity! Notion for iOS or Android.

a woman organizing and planning out her to-do list


An essential part of work-life balance is knowing when to take a step back and take some time for yourself. With the Calm app, you only need a pair of headphones to enter a relaxing and safe space. Whether you want to improve the quality of your sleep, reduce stress and anxiety or take some time to cool down and enter your meditative state, there are a wide variety of audio to choose from. Why not make it part of your daily routine? Calm for iOS or Android.

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Another significant step to take on the journey to achieving work-life balance is to take some time to move your body in whatever way you can. The FitOn app offers a free basic plan that considers how many days a week you might want to exercise and how many minutes you have to spare for the activity. It’s an excellent option for both those who want to start working out at home or more experienced fitness enthusiasts looking for better structure. You can also select the type of exercise you are most interested in, such as cardio, dance, or cycling, to ensure that you always choose a workout you enjoy. FitOn for iOS and Android.

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This concentration app could be an exciting addition for you if you have trouble staying away from your phone, even when faced with more important tasks. It lets you set a timer for the time you want to be away from your phone to focus, and it will grow a tree little by little as time passes. If you pick up your phone before the timer is up, the tree you have been growing will sadly disappear. You can also earn points and put them towards planting real trees. This seemingly innocent app could be a game changer for improving your work-life balance and productivity! Forest for iOS or Android.

someone planting a tree

The LEO app

Do you want to relax while still feeling like you’re doing something productive? Why not download the LEO app? Doing surveys is a great way to occupy your mind while offering a distraction from other tasks you might want to take a break from. By answering surveys, you can earn points that can be redeemed for different rewards! What’s stopping you from giving it a try? Click here to sign up!

The LEO app


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